Benefits of Induction Cooktops over Gas Cooktops

Benefits of Induction Cooktops over Gas Cooktops

Induction cooktops are the latest advancement in cooktop technology and prove to be one of the most efficient and advanced cooktops on the market. But how do induction cooktops work and are they better than a gas cooktops?

How do Induction Cooktops Work?

Induction cooktops may appear to look like electric cooktops however they couldn't be as different in the way they operate. Induction cooktops use copper coils or elements under a ceramic or glass surface the coils however unlike an electric cooktop don't heat up, instead the coils transfer electromagnetic energy into the ferrous cookware heating it directly and not the cooktop. This allows for a myriad of benefits over gas and electric cooktops.

Benefits of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops have many improvements over gas cooktops including:

  • Efficiency:

    As induction cooktops heat the pot/pan instead of the cooktop itself there is a far lower loss of energy in heating the cooktop than transferring heat from the cooktop to the pan. This means induction cooktops are faster at heating up than gas cooktops.

  • Safety:

    Another benefit of heating up the pan and not the cooktop is that when the pan is removed from the cooktop the cooktop is practically safe to touch, some cooktops also come with pan sensor technology that will turn the cooktop off when the pan is taken off.

  • Cleaning:

    Gas cooktops have many parts such as the rack, burner heads, etc., making cleaning the cooktop rather in-depth and difficult compared to an induction cooktop. Inductions cooktops’ smooth flat cooktop surface has no nooks and crannies that mess can get into meaning cleaning is as simple as quickly wiping the surface with a cloth like you would a countertop.

  • Gas Substitution

    As of the start of this year, the Victorian government has phased out new gas connections for new dwellings meaning all homes built after 1 January 2024 cannot be connected to mains gas. This makes now the perfect time to replace your old gas system with a new induction cooktop to stay ahead of the curve as the state looks to move away from gas.

Drawbacks of Induction Cooktops

Induction cooktops do have one or two drawbacks when compared to a gas cooktop such as:

  • Requiring Compatible Pans:

    Induction cooktops require pots and pans with ferrous bases such as steel, cast iron, and stainless steel with iron bases. In contrast, gas cooktops will work with nearly all types of cookware.

  • Upfront Costs:

    Induction cooktops have far greater upfront costs than gas cooktops as the cooktops itself is more expensive but they will also require electrical work to be done as they require a higher amount of energy than what a typical wall socket can provide.

Induction cooktops prove to be the more efficient and effective cousin to gas systems and there is no better time to make the switch than now. First Call Electrical Services offers Gas cooktops to induction cooktops conversions for as little as $1,986.08 (not including cooktop). Our team have 5 stars on Google from over 200 happy customers and is here to help with all your electrical needs so don't wait contact our team today.

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