Gas to Electric Cooktop Conversions

Gas to Electric/Induction Cooktop Conversions

With many Victorians being encouraged to switch to electric appliances to meet state emissions targets, there is no better time to replace your existing gas cooktop with an energy-efficient induction cooktop. Victorian government programs such as the Victorian Energy Upgrade (VEU) program are incentivising this switch as it will help households with increasing gas and electricity costs and decrease household emissions by switching to energy-efficient appliances. 1st Call Electrical is here to help you get ahead of the curve and make the switch. Our team are qualified to safely cap your existing gas system and install a new induction cooktop.

What does a gas to electric cooktop conversion entail?

1st Call Electrical offers a complete gas to electric cooktop conversion whether it is an induction or conventional electrical cooktop we have a solution for you. As part of the conversion our team will do the following:

  1. Conduct a gas leak inspection on the existing gas line to ensure safety.
  2. They will then remove the existing gas cooktop and cap the gas line to ensure it remains sealed and to keep your home safe.
  3. Install a new 40 AMP circuit for the new cooktop that includes a residual current circuit breaker (RCBO) and a cooktop isolation switch adjacent to the splash-back.
  4. We will then install your new electric cooktop (supplied by the customer).
  5. Our team will then clean the area and ensure it is safe, providing the customer with a certificate of electrical safety and plumbing compliance.

Our team at every step of the process will ensure all work meets industry standards. 1st Call Electrical also offers upfront conversion packages so you don't have to worry or guess how much your conversion will cost.

Cooktop Conversion

How Much Does A Cooktop Conversion Cost?

At 1st Call Electrical, we offer a complete gas to electric cooktop conversion for $1,956.08 this service includes the following:

  • The above service
  • Up to 30m of cabling to connect the cooktop to the switchboard
  • An RCBO safety switch
  • Isolation Switch
  • Plumbing Compliance Certificate
  • Certificate of electrical safety

This service does not include the cooktop and or any repairs to the existing gas lines to deem them as safe. Whether it's a conventional electric cooktop or an induction cooktop we can install it for you.