Split System Air Conditioning Installation Melbourne

Split System Air Conditioner Installation Melbourne

Looking to take control of your home's climate control? are fans no longer cutting it on a hot summer day? or are those chilly winter nights getting too much for blankets? A split system aircon is the solution you need. They provide a cheap and efficient climate control system for your home whether it's a new or old home they will work for you. But don't stress about sourcing your aircon or worrying about installation costs, 1st Call Electrical offer the complete installation package starting at just $2,566.74.

MIHAA Split System Installation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner Installation

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries combines 130 years of experience with cutting-edge technology to create some of the best-split system air conditioners on the market. At 1st call electrical our team can supply, install and service your Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MIHAA) air conditioner keeping the whole process streamlined for you. But when it comes to deciding on what size air conditioner will work for your home it can become confusing. Our team have set out to make this process as easy as possible for the 4 air conditioners we install for an upfront price. the below table shows the room sizes they are best suited for. The lower number refers to rooms with little to no insulation and in direct sunlight while the higher number references rooms with better treatment such as curtains, glazing and out of direct sunlight.

MIHAA Split System Size Guide

MIHAA aircons also exceeds industry energy performance standards providing you with an energy-efficient climate control solution for your home. Don't wait for another hot day purchase a MIHAA air conditioner and installation today and our team will install the system for you.

What does the installation include?

Our MIHAA air conditioner installs include the following:

  • Supply of the MIHAA aircon selected
  • Mounting of the indoor unit
  • Installation of the outdoor unit on the floor directly outside the indoor unit
  • Up to 3m of piping to connect indoor and outdoor units
  • Up to 15m of cabling to connect the AC unit to the existing power circuit (where possible the cabling will be laid within the fabric of the house.)
  • Pressure testing of the system and testing for refrigerant leaks to ensure the safety and compliance of the system.
  • Issue a certificate of electrical safety and clean the areas removing any rubbish from the site.

Purchase your system today and have it expertly installed by our team. Our team also offer airconditioning cleaning to keep your system clean from contaminants that will build up in the system over time keeping you safe.