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Smoke alarm system install, testing & maintenance

Welcome to First Call Electrical – your one-stop solution for smoke alarm installation Melbourne. At First Call Electrical, we provide customised smoke alarm installation services tailored to your home or business. We are proficient in a range of smoke alarm types, from mains powered smoke alarms, to wireless smoke alarms, photoelectric smoke alarms and interconnected smoke alarm installation.

Our highly experienced and qualified technicians ensure quality installation at an affordable price. Get in touch with us for professional smoke alarm installation services in Melbourne.

Professional Smoke Alarm Installation Melbourne

At First Call Electrical, we provide reliable smoke alarm installation services in Melbourne. We make sure that all of our customers have top quality smoke alarms installed safely and correctly. Our expert electricians will install your smoke alarm in the right location and our team will also test it and make sure it is working properly.

We provide the highest quality smoke alarm installations in Melbourne that are professional, reliable and affordable. Our goal is to help our customers keep their family and property safe from fire.

We take pride in our smoke alarm installation services and we're proud of our 100% customer satisfaction.

Photoelectric Smoke Alarm Installation

Fire services throughout Australia, including Melbourne's Metropolitan Fire Brigade, recommend the use of photoelectric smoke alarms over ionisation alarms. Photoelectric alarms respond faster than other types of alarm, are less prone to cause false alarms and are very effective detecting smouldering fires providing residents with the earliest possible warning system.

Photoelectric smoke alarms operate by continuously emitting an infrared LED light. When smoke is present in the air, it scatters the light emitted by the LED, causing the alarm to activate when the light beam is disrupted. Photoelectric detectors can be hardwired or wireless.

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Hardwired Smoke Alarm Installation

Hardwired smoke alarms offer a reliable and permanent solution for fire detection in residential and commercial properties. Unlike battery-operated smoke alarms, hardwired models are directly connected to your property's electrical system, ensuring continuous power supply and eliminating the need for battery replacements.

For the safe and effective installation of hardwired smoke alarms, it is essential to hire a professional electrician. First Call's expert technicians are skilled in handling electrical systems and are a trusted choice for ensuring seamless and compliant installations. With our expertise, you can rest easy in the knowledge your home or business' hardwired smoke alarms will be installed proficiently.

Smoke Alarm Testing Services and Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Smoke alarms are an integral part of home and commercial safety in Melbourne and should be regularly tested and maintained. At First Call Electrical, we provide comprehensive smoke alarm testing, maintenance and installation services to customers across Melbourne.

Our highly experienced and certified team will inspect and test your smoke alarms, check connections and carry out necessary repairs and maintenance. We can also install new smoke alarms, as well as provide helpful advice on optimal placement and maintenance to improve fire safety in your home or business.

With our level of expertise and quality service you can rest assured that you and your family or employees will be fully protected from the dangers of fire.

Smoke Alarm Replacement Melbourne

If you're experiencing too many smoke detector false alarms in your Melbourne home or office, it's important to get a smoke alarm replacement job done by a qualified electrician as soon as possible. At First Call Electrical, we provide smoke detector replacement services that are safe, reliable and provide total peace of mind.

The smoke alarms we install are quality products that have been designed to detect smoke in the early stages, eliminating the need for false alarm calls. We believe in delivering quality services at an affordable price and guarantee your complete satisfaction with our smoke alarm replacement services in Melbourne.

The Necessity of Smoke Alarm Installation and Testing

It is essential for everyone to make sure you have sufficient smoke alarm installations to ensure the safety of your family and property. Smoke alarms are an invaluable tool of protection against unexpected fires in your home or business. They provide an early warning to detect the presence of smoke which may be the result of a fire and they alert you to flee before it is too late. 

Not having smoke alarms can potentially cost a life or significant damage to your property, making smoke alarm installation a must. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in up-to-date smoke alarms to best protect your home or business.

Read more from Victoria Fire Rescue here: Fire Rescue Victoria - Smoke Alarms

Benefits of Choosing First Call Electrical

When it comes to choosing an electrician in Melbourne, there are many benefits of choosing First Call Electrical. Our team of qualified electricians are highly skilled in the installation of fire alarms, in addition to providing comprehensive electrical services.

Our qualified Master Electricians have a wealth of experience providing residential, commercial and industrial electrical services to Melbourne's residents. We offer a variety of services with free, no-obligation quotes outlining our work.

Our commitment to our Melbourne customers is unmatched, as we are committed to:

  • Deliver quality workmanship
  • Respect our customers and your property
  • Responding to any requests swiftly and efficiently
  • Our electricians always put safety first
  • Provide affordable prices in line with industry standards
  • Provide professional and comprehensive electrical solutions.

Why It’s Important To Use a Professional Electrician to Install Smoke Alarms

It is important to always use a professional electrician for any electrical work in your home or business. Qualified and experienced electricians have in-depth knowledge of the Victoria smoke alarm requirements and legislation that need to be met and also have the correct insurance to protect themselves and your property in case of any accidents.

Many people feel the need to try and tackle minor electrical DIY tasks at home, like replacing power points or light switches. However, it's not worth the risk. Besides the obvious danger involved, it is crucial to know that performing your own electrical work is against the law. Therefore, it is imperative to seek the assistance of a qualified electrician for all electrical tasks you may have.

With an expert electrician, you know the job has been done properly and safely.

Local Professional Smoke Alarm Installation Melbourne

For the best smoke alarm installation, smoke alarm testing and maintenance in Melbourne, contact our licensed electricians at 1st Call Electrical Services on 1300 483 640 or complete our quick online smoke alarms booking request form today.